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Neiman Marcus Outlet

For those who love the look and quality of Neiman Marcus merchandise, but want these items at greatly reduced prices, Neiman Marcus outlet stores are the answer. Neiman Marcus Last Call shops, with a bright yellow square logo, are located across the United States, primarily in outlet malls. Neiman Marcus Last Call shops carry precisely the same high-quality fashions, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, watches and home department goods as the flagship stores and the online 24-hour website.

There are currently twenty-six Neiman Marcus Last Call shops located across the United States from New York to California. The address of the nearest locations is easily found on the Neiman Marcus website. Most invite shoppers to sign up for an e-mail newsletter, which will provide weekly updates of the latest featured merchandise and applicable discounts. E-mail members will also receive coupons for further discounts and special offers which they can print out and use at the shop which sent it.

Designer fashions, shoes and accessories by Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Bill Blass, Tory Burch and Kate Spade (handbags and accessories), Prada, Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, and Manolo Blahnik, along with other top names appear regularly at the Neiman Marcus Last Call stores. These items are arranged in the stores by type and size only, so be prepared to spend some time examining the available selection to find hidden treasures at unbelievable reduced prices. The sales associates at Neiman Marcus Last Call are well-versed in the merchandise and the labels carried, and are happy to assist in finding just the right shoes, accessories or home decor item.

Neiman Marcus Last Call shops can be found in these locations across the United States:
• five shops in Texas
• four in Florida
• four in California
• two in Pennsylvania
• two in New York
and one each in:
• Tempe, Arizona
• Auburn Hills, Michigan
• Denver, Colorado;
• Lawrenceville, Georgia:
• Gurnee Mills, Illinois, southwest of Chicago
• Hanover, Maryland, south of Baltimore
• Elizabeth, New Jersey
• Woodbridge, Virginia, near Washington, D.C.

Many are situated near popular tourist attractions such as theme parks, popular beach resorts, historic sites and national monuments. Smart shoppers vacationing in any of these areas always put the closest Neiman Marcus Last Call location on their must-visit list.

Each Neiman Marcus Last Call store offers its own discounts on selected merchandise that arrives weekly. Frequent shoppers could find a Jewelry Trunk Sale, at an additional 35% off the reduced price, or Home Department items in stock at 55% to 60% off the last ticketed price. Accessories, cosmetics and fragrances are frequently reduced by a net 65% off the original list price at the end of the season. Other seasonal sales happen regularly as merchandise is rotated out of the Neiman Marcus retail stores.

When paying at any of the Neiman Marcus outlet stores, use the Neiman Marcus credit card to be eligible for a further 5% discount applied to the entire purchase.

Neiman Marcus Furniture

One of the world’s leading retailers of luxury goods, Neiman Marcus Furniture features decor lines created by top designers, including Barbara Barry, Etro, Michael Kors, and Donna Karan. Unique home accents by renowned names such as Christofle tableware and Waterford can also be found. Whether traditional, modern, country or contemporary, these stylish pieces will lend any home that extra touch of elegance. The home furnishings from Neiman Marcus are sold only online. Tableware, linens, lighting and decorative collectibles can also be purchased in, or ordered through, the Home Department of any Neiman Marcus store.

This well-designed site covers every room in the home. Each item is shown in a large detailed color photo, and placed in a suggested setting, whether indoors or out. Order information is clearly displayed to the right for each, with a full description, including three-dimensional sizing. The potential purchaser can easily determine whether the item will fit in the space intended for it.

The New Arrivals category always features the latest trends in home furnishings. Mirror-front cabinetry is currently adding the gleam of silver to many a dining room, and the six-drawer sideboard is an elegant example of the style. Dark woods such as mahogany and walnut are in demand again for formal living rooms and bedrooms, as is shown in the Merlot bedroom suite.

The Outdoor category presents the broadest range of furnishings for patio and terrace living. Whether a casual afternoon relaxing with friends, or a dinner party of six, the pieces that will suit the occasion can be found at Neiman Marcus. The lounge chair is the must-have outdoor furniture item for summer 2009. Choose a tubular chair and its matching ottoman in retro style, or a deeply cushioned cast-iron one-arm chaise, upholstered with firm white cushions trimmed in coordinating blue. Occasional seating takes on unusual forms: a tree trunk bench, a train station bench in blue to partner with the chaise above, or a curved storage bench in faux stone.

When it’s time to come indoors again, a visit to the Home Office section will provide ideas both historic and modern to organize a home workspace for both comfort and efficiency. Many furniture styles and sizes are featured, from elegant writing desks to fully equipped workstations suitable for the chief executive officer. Shown with each item are companion pieces, accessories, and other suggestions to create the ideal office for everyone.

Check the Wedding Registry at Neiman Marcus to see if the bride-to-be has included any furniture items on her list. Neiman Marcus can ship direct in suitable gift packaging ahead of the big day.

Neiman Marcus Furniture online makes it easy to purchase and receive the items ordered. All purchases will ship direct to the purchaser from the vendor’s location. A delivery and processing charge will be applied in all 50 states. Goods will arrive in 5-7 business days from the time of order. When ordering online, check for the delivery discount code at the top of the page. Quote this code when ordering, and delivery will be free on items in any price range.

Neiman Marcus Free Shipping

Neiman Marcus Free Shipping provides great benefits after the entry of the promotional code “NMSUMMER” in its promotional code box during checkout. This offer applies to all Internet shopping done at the Neiman Marcus website, but is restricted to the bridal registry items, NM Gift Card®, monogrammed items, out-of-stock items, , items that state “Additional Delivery & Processing” or “Delivery & Processing Only, and items that include additional shipping charges. An additional $8 per item is applicable to all additional shipping addresses, and another 5 dollars when shipped to Hawaii, Alaska or other U.S. territories. Furthermore, this offer does not apply to purchases already made, and all non-Canada based international orders must be made over the telephone. Also, free shipping does not apply to such international countries. The Neiman Marcus Free Shipping offer expires on the 29th of June, 2009, at 11:59 PM (EST).

The advantages free shipping provides are many: customers can look into it as additional incentives to place orders that are above a certain dollar level. This breeds customer loyalty, and items that otherwise have lower purchase rates are more likely to be bought with the additional advantage free shipping provides.

Additionally, when free shipping is applied to products in bulk quantities, it reduces the shipping charges. A study showed that online buyers wanted free shipping above all other perks provided. There is a measurable increase in sales after free shipping is included, and it is a very profitable approach. Furthermore, it boosts the value and the impact of the item, which would have otherwise been limited.

Free shipping brings in more customers, by not only encouraging the customers to buy more, and its time-limit constraint is known to create a sense of urgency in encouraging the customer to take immediate action. Neiman Marcus makes free shipping a regular feature of its online website, and functioning on the huge scale that it does, it can easily afford to subsidize the cost of free shipping, much more easily than smaller retailers can. But regardless of its size, giving away shipping is known to cut into profits somewhat, and cause financial problems. However, Neiman Marcus has developed a customer base that is loyal enough to make the required purchases and keep coming back for more, which is why its free shipping policy is more successful than that of many other online retailers. Another reason for its success is that Neiman Marcus’s profit margin is high enough to justify its free shipping costs.

Neiman Marcus has utilized this marketing tool very well. It is a known fact that customers will move on to an online retailer that does offer free shipping to make a purchase as opposed to one which may offer better products, but has no free shipment policy. This well developed marketing strategy has more and more online retailers thronging to it, but none masters its art as well as Neiman Marcus does. The benefits it provides put Neiman Marcus well ahead of its competitors on many different levels.

Neiman Marcus Coupon

Coupons are a great way for settings out discount or special offers. Unlike audio-visual advertising, coupons allow for printed hardcopies of the offer to be presented to avail the advertised discount. In a few cases, vendors also accept coupons printed off the internet, but for the most part, coupons are typically put in newspapers/magazines, within products themselves, or printed in special purpose brochures that are sent via a mail-shot to a potential target audience.

Unlike other means of advertising, coupons need to be presented at the time of purchase to avail of the specific benefit being advertised. Given this scenario, coupons are a great way for vendors to track the efficacy of specific deals based on the number of coupons presented and special offers availed. Furthermore, by printing source information on the coupons themselves, vendors can also track the effectiveness of reaching out to the desired target audience through various print media in which coupons are inserted. This can help tailor and monitor specific campaigns in the future.

Coupons typically offer a variety of benefits to the customer presenting it. Benefits range from free gifts with purchase to an instant cash discount, to ‘buy one, get one free’ offers. The biggest single benefit of coupons is their instant redemption value at the point of presenting it.

Neiman Marcus coupon are presently available in the following categories:

In a Manufacturers Coupon, Neiman Marcus has no liability with regards to benefits being extended to customers shopping at the store. Instead, the complete financial burden of these coupons is borne solely by the manufacturer of the product, which is simply being retailed by Neiman Marcus. In such cases, it would obviously focus on a few specific brand-name products produced by a particular manufacturer.

The next category is a Retailer’s Coupon. As the name suggests, a retailer’s coupon extends benefits to customers where the financial burden of these offers is borne by the retailer alone. It may be inferred that retailer coupons can be made available to specific stores, or to specific product lines that the store chain is trying to promote. ‘Spring Sales Events’ and other broad based sales can be promoted further through the generation of coupons that could grant additional discounts or benefits to customers holding such coupons.

Another type of coupons is a joint retailer/manufacturer coupon that is issued by Niemen Marcus and the manufacturer of a specific product or product line. These coupons typically offer the best value in terms of benefits that customers can draw upon. These coupons are jointly funded by the retailer and manufacturer, and can come in the form of store based catalog printed by Neiman Marcus to advertise these special offers to their customers.

It is important to note that Neiman Marcus Coupon can be sent via email to specific customer lists, and may be non-transferable. However, there are certain online sites from where Neiman Marcus Coupon may be obtained, printed and presented in store.

Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe

The Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe fiasco that was circulated mostly on the Internet was a replay of the generalized American expensive-recipe story which had its earliest known roots in the 1940s, or even earlier. The original story described (in first person) how a woman and her daughter enjoy lunch in a café of the Neiman Marcus store in Dallas, and for dessert they order chocolate-chip Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe, the recipe of which, the waitress informs them, is “only two-fifty.” When she later discovers that that amount was $250 and not $2.50 on her monthly credit card bill, the same mother demands a refund. When refused, she promises to give away to recipe for free to as many people as possible using the email to circulate it world-wide. The recipe, however, is nearly identical to the one circulated earlier for another store (Marshall Fields – a Chicago based store) to Neiman Marcus.

The ingredients of the cookie as stated by the woman in her email included butter, flour, sugar, oatmeal, Hershey Bar, eggs, vanilla, chopped nuts, soda and some salt. To prepare the batch, the ingredients were mixed, rolled into balls and placed two inches apart on a cookie sheet, baked for 10 – 15 minutes at a heat of 375 – and viola! Delicious Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe !

The company in a very good natured-way denies the story on its website (www.naimanmarcus.com), and provides a free cookie recipe and compares that with the recipe being circulated.

The Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe has enjoyed a ton of popularity on the Internet. Although some people would recognize its logical flaws: why the company would not have anticipated that it could not get away with charging an unreasonable fee for a recipe? Would they not have realized that the recipe could be shared? Further, wouldn’t the company have the foresight to realized that the exploitation would antagonize customers and damage the business’s public image?

The Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe email has been debunked as an “urban legend” and an e-mail hoax. But it did gather a lot of attention, in most part due to the application of the Internet as a medium of distribution. Ordinary citizens wrote angry letters to the Neiman Marcus department store chain and as many sympathetic emails were sent to the stores managers demanding a rfund. The hype was to infect the receiver with a motivation to send them along and although, like in other spam emails, there is no real computer virus behind the email, the email is itself the virus and the receiver is the intended host.

The Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe hoax was one of the first to employ the Internet as a medium of distribution. It was nothing more than an extended rumor, but because of its wide-spread distribution, many feel for it and believed it as real. Others also purchased its associated ingredients and attempted to prepare the cookies itself.

The Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe proved just how vulnerable the Internet population really is. When a story comes up which appears to have some elements of truth, they believe it to be real, and pass on the message without doing enough homework on the matter. Next time a Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe hype comes up – do some research!

Neiman Marcus Code

Codes offer a variety savings, such as free shipping, a set percentage or dollar amount off your order, or even free items with your purchase. Imagine purchasing three pairs of shirts and getting the pair of shoes you wanted for free. This is often possible with the use of online codes, which are added savings that are applied to your order during check-out. A few websites have their codes readily available, whereas others require a little digging to see what other opportunities await.

Typically, there are two types of coupon codes that circulate the Internet:

One time use:

These type of codes are to be used just once by a customer, often directly offered from the retailer, in this case Neiman Marcus, in hopes of gaining the customers loyalty.

Multiple Use Codes:

This type of code can be used multiple times by many online users.

Codes can reach customers by a variety of ways, some of them include:

Direct E-email:

Often they come straight to a customers inbox and contain codes for a percentage or dollar amount off the next purchase.

Online Code Sites:

This rapidly evolving area of the Internet consists of a huge number of online code websites, offering an extensive list of coupon codes for a host of online retailers. Neiman Marcus Codes are one of the most popular being offered.

Direct Referrals:

Some online retailers provide customers the ability to solicit business for them by providing a code to e-mail friends and family. This results as a win-win solution for everyone, as the company results in acquiring more customers and friends and family land up making big savings. Usually the customer who circulates the codes is offered an incentive, including additional savings on future products from Neiman Marcus.

Online Deal Sites:

These are forum boards which have sections especially dedicated to online codes as well as numerous online deals.

Retailer Websites:

Many of the larger retailers, such as Neiman Marcus, will display their promotional and savings codes on their websites. Often they will be displayed on the home page itself, and at other times a customer may have to dig around the website to locate it. Look for areas of the website entitled “Today’s Deals” or something similar to see if any code or other savings for shopping are provided.

Some additional tips to ensure the successful use of codes:

Expiration Dates:

Codes typically come with expiry date or other restrictions. A customer must be fully aware of all the limitations on a code, and understand the requirements for using it.

Using Them:

Once the code is known to have a validate expiry date and it is ready to be applied to an order, there is generally be a text box wherein to enter the code number or other information. At checkout, a customer must seek a spot where to enter the code and enter the particular code there.

Before the purchase is completed, a customer must quickly scan through all billing details and verify whether the code applied the appropriate amount, whether or not it applied free shipping, or any other deal that was offered with it.

Neiman Marcus Chicago

The Neiman Marcus Chicago store offers its users a truly captivating experience in terms of the depth and quality of products on offer, and many happily indulge in the experience by spending thousands of dollars. It hosts the top most in designer names, but it offers a whole range of experience (and therefore, price) than many of its critics like to admit. Additionally, it hosts some very good sales during which prices are slashed by a massive percent.

The Neiman Marcus Chicago four-story store offers a wide-range of items, including the brand names in cosmetics (including Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani beauty, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Ojon, Thymes Coco Monoi, among others), shoes (including Michael Kors, MARC by Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin, D & G, Diane von Furstenberg, Gucci, Juicy Couture, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Fendi, and the ever popular Manolo Blahnik – among many others), handbags (Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Versace, Valentino, Tory Brch, Tano, Yves Saint Laurent, MARC by Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Burberry, Escada, and others), jewellery and accessories, which include a wide range of items such as earrins, necklaces, bracelets, rings, novelty items, watches, hats, belts, scarves, sun-glasses and even pet-accessories (Cartier, Gucci, Coomi, David Yurman, Bi Modolo, Michele Watches and others), furs and clothing, including dresses, tops, jackets, pants, skirts, suiting, evening shopping, denim, swim-wear, intimate and even special sizes (Akris, Bamford, Burberry, Dior, La Rok, Joie, T-Bags, Halston, DKNY, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, SoCa St. John, Robert Rodriguez, See by Chloe, Splendid, Theory, Tory Burch, amongst thousands more).

The top floor showcases a great gourmet food department and also allows users to browse through its exquisite home-accessories area, where they can choose from a variety of products either for their homes or as gifts for friends and family. Besides these, the Neiman Marcus store in Chicago store has two restaurants – both providing a wide range in terms of food samplings but each one providing a distinct yet equally divine experience. One of the restaurants is relaxed, where chit-chat and casual banter makes the atmosphere, and the other, a little more formal, where the upper-class of society find comfort.

The prestigious Neiman Marcus store offers a truly remarkable experience in terms of the range of its products and the “upper-class” customer service. Every customer, whether a casual browser or a loyal customer is provided the utmost in care and service. That has been one of the driving forces of the Neiman Marcus experience – its attention to detail and superb customer focus service. It is an indulgence far different from the typical run-of-the mill stores that offer racks-and-racks of mass-produced products. In Neiman Marcus Chicago a buyer will pay top dollar for the items offered but then, that can last her or him a lifetime due to the exquisiteness of its production. It is more than a store – it is a fantasy world, providing each and every one, from customers to staff and managers – a truly mesmerizing experience.

Neiman Marcus Cake

The popular Neiman Marcus Cake is scrumptious and very easy to prepare. This rich, exotic delight is a treat for all those who get a chance to indulge in its divine goodness. And for all those who do not get the chance to taste its exquisite deliciousness, there is a recipe anyone can try out. The outcome can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, bake sales, get together, party tights and other popular events.

The simplest recipe for a Neiman Marcus Cake includes as ingredients: butter cake mix, eggs, butter, package cream cheese, powered sugar, vanilla essence, pecans (optional). The instructions ask to mix the cake mix, the eggs and the butter and pat it in a pan. They will make the bottom most layer of the cake itself. Then the remaining ingredients are to be mixed together and spread over the lower layer. The cake is to be baked in an oven at 350 degrees for 30 – 40 minutes. Pecans can also be added to the top layer mixture before spreading atop, if required.

Other varieties of the cake include chocolate chips, margarine instead of butter, other nuts and coconut. This results in a chocolate cake with a cream cheese top and nut and chocolate chip topping – a tiny sliver enough to jeopardize any diet, but oh – so worth it!

Popular cake types a user can purchase at the Neiman Markus website itself include the $280 worth “Sassy Satch” cake, a two-layered milk-toffee cheesecake which is wrapped in chocolate with a burgundy tint, with a finishing of a flower, a pocket and a leaf. It serves 14, and is a perfect gift item for bag and cake lovers.

Other popular cake types offered are the “Circles Cake” with their unique polka dot gift design, worth $174; the strawberry and chocolate chip cake with a cream cheese icing Neapolitian Cake, worth $68; the “Zebra Striped Handbag Cake,” chocolate decadence worth $235; the “Peace Cake,” four layers of rich chocolate cake, worth $310; the special “Happy Birthday Cake,” chocolate, white chocolate, caramel toffee butter cream – worth no less than $200; the “Caribbean Cruise Cake,” rum infused with pineapple, coconut fruit filling, worth $55; and the “Strip House 24-Layer Chocolate Cake,” the ultimate in chocolate decadence, with twelve layers of chocolate cake filled with eleven layers of chocolate filling, and the top most layer made of special imported French chocolate; worth $100 – and every bite is nothing short of heavenly.

Besides the above, there are available the Key Lime Cake, the Grand Marnier Truffle Cake, Mochaccino Mousse Cake, Pumpkin Cranberry Silk Cake, Chocolate Corruption Cake, Carrot Cake, Orange Creamsickle Cake Bacca Di Montagnia Cake, Caribbean Cruise Cake, Peanut Butter Explosion Cake, Banana Caramel Pecan Cake, amongst hundreds of others. The cakes offered provide a wide-assortment of tastes, each one more delicious than the other, and each one providing more goodness than the one before.

Cake lovers and gift buyers can easily log on to the Neiman Marcus website, and under the “gift” tab choose from the wide variety of cakes, most of which will be delivered right to their doorstep.