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An outlet store is a store owned by the company or manufacturer of a particular brand, and it sells products exclusively from that brand. Twenty years ago, outlet stores were built for a reason, and that was to house and then sell a company’s excess products – products that have not been sold at retail or third party stores, usually because these items do not meet the brand’s quality standards and therefore cannot be sold at high standard price. Outlet stores were also built to sell off-season items, or those items that have gone out of trend, and this gives the company the opportunity to make profit out of these items that have already been waved off as non-profitable.

Because most products for sale at outlets stores are way cheaper than those sold at department stores, shoppers are now coming to outlet stores a lot often for a chance to buy expensive products for 30% to 50% off their original price. Today, outlet stores have become exceedingly popular, and because of this, companies have seen the great potential of selling their products in their outlet stores. As more and more consumers shop at outlet stores, companies have started producing products to be specifically sold at their outlets. These products are manufactured at lesser cost and lesser quality than those sold at big shopping malls and department stores. Of course, this does not mean that companies are snitching on their consumers. Not at all. If we compare these items to those that are showcased in expensive boutiques and shops, there isn’t much of a difference really. It could be that the fabric or leather is a little thinner, or the size is a wee bit smaller. Quality is still good, as companies have a brand name that they try to protect and live up to.


BIG SAVINGS. Oh yes, you can definitely save a lot of money when you shop at outlet stores. Old stocks, off-season items, and rejects are often sold at a great discount in outlet stores. Imagine if you buy a genuine Coach handbag for 50% off the original price. That is definitely an amazing bargain! Of course, keep in mind that many items priced at a great discount have something wrong with them. So always check the quality of the item you buy, before pulling your credit card out of your wallet!

GREAT SELECTION. Shopping at outlet stores gives you a wide selection of products and items to choose from. Lots of stocks to go through! For the obsessive shopper, this can be loads of fun! However, it can be a very long process to find the exact item you are looking for. If you are planning to do bulk shopping at an outlet store, be sure not to bring along anyone who might fall asleep during the entire shopping spree 😛

AUTHENTIC BRAND. With outlet shopping, you do not have to worry about buying fake and cheap imitations. All products at an outlet store are sold directly from the owner company. Authenticity and good quality are always guaranteed.

Outlet stores are fun! Find your favorite outlet stores near you! Try our customized search tool and start locating the outlet stores of your favorite brands! You can also click on the different brands below for information on these outlet stores.

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